Between 04th August 2018, your customers in Vietnam will be migrating to the all-new MyDHL+, the industry-leading global shipping application. With our intuitive new interface, your customers will be able to import, export, schedule a pickup, track shipments and pay bills more quickly than ever – all in one visit, with one password and zero headaches. Whether your customer is a small business or a global corporation, MyDHL+ will make it easy to navigate the complexities of international shipping.

How will migration work?
Your marketing team is working with your country migration officer to prepare your customers, including sending them a series of emails leading up to their migration. Information from your customers’ previous shipping application will be transferred to MyDHL+. All your customer needs to do is create a new password to login.

Your customers will be migrated in batches starting from 18th August 2018.

Informational Materials
Your marketing team is preparing for the launch and will help you educate your customers about MyDHL+. This includes:

  • Printed Materials
    Full-color brochure: You can use it as a leave-behind for customers. It provides a high-level introduction to the new platform and offers guidance on how to find more information about it.
  • Quick Reference Guide:
    This instructional guide highlights and explains the key features. It will be available in A4 as well as an A6 (pocket-sized) format for distribution by couriers.
  • Direct customer communications:
    Four emails: (1) teaser, (2) introduction, (3) deep dive and (4) prepare to migrate will be sent by DHL Marketing, sequentially leading up to the launch of the platform. The last email on migration to the platform (5) will be sent from the migration team.
  • Microsite:
    A new microsite has been deployed at Familiarize yourself with the features and benefits of MyDHL+ and drive migrating customers there, to educate and excite them about what’s to come. Here, customers can also see a series of videos, each focusing on a specific benefit of the new platform.
  • Web Banners:
    Web banners have been created to raise awareness of MyDHL+ and drive customers to the microsite at

We are very excited to provide your customers with this industry-leading solution that was developed based on the voice of our customers, to ensure we developed a platform that both answers and anticipates their needs.

If you have any questions, please contact your country migration offer at: